Resell Imation LTO 6

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Resell Imation LTO 6 Tapes

Imation LTO 6 increased capacity to 6.25 TB.
Imation LTO 6 faster transfer rates (400MB/s).
Imation LTO 6 can be used for any drive or system built for LTO 6 technology.
Imation LTO 6 tape media boasts tape performance, tracking accuracy and durability.
Imation LTO 6 tape has been certified by Measurement Analysis Corporation (MAC) and the LTO technology provider companies: HP, IBM Corporation and Quantum Corp.
Imation LTO 6 tape uses advanced servo writing technology.
Imation LTO 6 tape uses patented corner snap.
Imation LTO 6 tape patented three-piece tape spool.