Reuse Media Tapes

There really is a best way to dispose of your old data tapes...
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   *   Full compliance and documentation
   *   All handling and transportation provided
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Recycle Your Media Tape Media Recycling program enables you to reuse media tapes.

It turns the time consuming and expensive process of media destruction into a profitable solution for your company.

As tape technology in the data center environment rapidly changes, the need to constantly replace and upgrade media carries significant overhead.

Recycle Your Media Tape Media Recycling program is designed to help you offset the costs associated with these upgrades by paying you for your old and outdated tapes.

By duplicating and/or converting tape, you can both protect and combine data for the overall well-being of your organization.

Organizations normally move their data from one format to another during a data upgrade, as the new format doesn’t always support older ones. In the case that your organization is in the process of upgrading to a new system, it is important to take your migration effort seriously.