Data Center Services

Why sell to Recycle Your Media?

Recycle Your Media is an industry leader in the used and excess data media market. We buy more new/excess, new/open, and used data media than anyone else in the country, and we buy for stock (so we don’t broker or consign). All this means is that we are saying “yes” to buying your media more than anyone else, and paying the highest market values overall. These values can be recouped in cash or brand new media (Contact us for current market values)

Our only business is data media so we are the experts in all issues involving it. This means that we handle the media properly, from time of pickup to data destruction. We can address all logistic and security concerns that you may have.

In addition to the monetary return that you will receive, you can be assured that you’ve found a solution that is environmentally responsible. The vast majority of used tape in the market can be reused or recycled. Only a small percentage actually needs to end up in a landfill.

What is the process?

1. Contact RYM Purchasing listing brand, format, condition and quantity of tape Request Quote

2. Purchasing will provide the value of the tape and detail any costs involved such as onsite destruction services, custom freight, etc.

3. On your confirmation, purchasing will issue a purchase order that will include prices, freight, and payment terms.

4. Tape will be shipped to RYM with complete chain-of-custody documentation and you will be notified at time of receipt.

5. Tape will go into a cue to be inspected and sorted. You will be notified at its completion.

6. Once the inspection and sort has been completed paperwork will be processed and go into accounting for payment or credit

7. A letter of data destruction will be provided upon your request

Sales Support

The experts at Recycle Your Media are ready, willing and able to help you with all your data tape sales needs. We make you the data tape expert!

  • Cross-referencing, media specifications and technical information on all current and obsolete data media formats to make you the expert resource!
  • Pricing guidance, industry updates and marketing assistance to help you win more business at higher profit margins.
  • Samples, photos, brochures, white papers and other marketing tools to help you get the order. We can email and/or overnight the help you need to close the sale.
  • Trade-in of obsolete or excess inventories of new and used media in all formats with top prices and finder’s fees paid and/or applied to costs and lower your prices to win more bids. Ask us how!
  • Fast and flexible shipping options with total blind drop shipping to help you build and maintain loyal customer relationships.
  • Custom packaging and labeling to give you more options that set you apart from the competition and increase repeat orders.
  • Technical updates, sales tips, information links and other information to make you the best trained and most prepared reseller.
  • Sell more media, more professionally at higher profits with the help of the pros at Recycle Your Media.