Data Tape Media Redeployment

Data Tape Media Redeployment Services
Are you currently undergoing a major upgrade in your tape media storage infrastructure or in need of better utilizing your already existing infrastructure? Recycle Your Media is your partner for replacing or redeploying used data tape media that has become obsolete as result of your system changes and upgrades or if you simply just want to re-circulate your used data tape media.

We can carefully assess your current system architecture and suggest ideas for simplifying your effort and saving you thousands of dollars in the process. For instance, many large organizations utilize several different media products such as LTO, SDLT, DLT VS1, 3592, T10000 (T10K), VXA, AIT and more. The majority of these mediums have life expectancies of 50 years and more, which means they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why not maximize their value?

How Recycle Your Media Can Make a Difference
Our highly experienced and dedicated team can successfully move one type of media from one center/location to another to help you save funds and extend the life of your products. Many of our customers have experienced immense savings, as they have reduced new product purchases by simply redeploying existing equipment within their organizations.

The Recycle Your Media turn-key solution includes the pickup of your equipment and full testing, inspection, and certification. We then carefully label, initialize and re-ship all items to either the same or additional corporate locations. Additionally, we will educate your staff on how to fully maximize the value of your magnetic media products.

Redeployment Program Services Can Include:
• Pickup of the media
• Transportation to our processing facility
• Initial incoming QA & inspection for physical damage
• Removal of old labels and additional physical inspections
• Full electronic test and evaluation of each individual cartridge
Erase and degauss
New label and internal initialization (L&I) if required
• Data destruction of all unusable or defective media rejected by inspection and testing. (Certificate of Destruction provided)
• Storage of media until redeployment
• Asset tracking to ensure accurate identification of all available media
• Shipment to new location

How Recycling Can Fit Into the Process
During the redeployment effort, our customers also commonly have our team recycle out-of-date tape that will not be used in the future. The recycling process includes the determination as to whether your tape is still functional and can be sold and reused, total data eradication, and/or tape shredding (if the tape cannot be used again).

This process is quite important as it saves your legacy tape from landfills and/or incineration. Both of these methods are toxic to the world in which we live, as landfills tend to pollute the water table and incineration sends toxic fumes into the air. Not only does this process protect the environment, it also has the power to put money back into your organization’s pocket, as we buy back all workable tapes and compensate you for them. They will then be resold and reused by organizations of all sizes.

For more information on the Recycle Your Media Redeployment Program, please call our offices at 877-798-2737. Our dedicated team will answer all of your questions and provide you with a winning solution for your specific needs!

To the left is a picture of our finished certified LTO tape for redeployment. Each tape after certification is given a lifetime warranty.

Finished Certified Tape Media for Redeployment
Finished Certified Tape Media for Redeployment Finished Certified Tape Media for Redeployment