Full Chain of Custody

Recycle Your Media offers complete Chain-of-Custody on all tape media acquisitions.Chain of custody reports let you know every set of hands that touches your media from the moment it leaves your facility. They also ensure that the data eradication specialist are not able to spread information regarding your data, in addition to chain of custody reports, you should always ask for a nondisclosure agreement.
  1. Starting at your facility, RYM scans barcodes on every tape to be erased
  2. Report is given to customer
  3. Tapes are placed in locked containers
  4. Locked containers are loaded on truck for transit to RYM
  5. Once tapes arrive at RYM you are notified and they are placed in a locked and alarmed caged area
  6. All tapes are scanned a second time and sent to the customer for comparison
  7. Once reports are verified they are scheduled for erasure
  8. Every tape is erased as appropriate for specific media type
  9. Every tape is verified erased and tested for reuse
  10. Certificate of data destruction and check will be mailed to customer
For more detailed information or to schedule to sell your data tape media please contact us anytime.877-798-2737 / 877-RY-Tapes / buyback@recycleyourmedia.com