Tape Media Shredding

Recycle Your Media believes in recycling through reuse but we also understand there are some circumstances when tape media needs to be disposed of in another manner. If your magnetic tape media needs shredding and/or incinerating we now have an option for you.


Plastic Products we can shred:

1. Obsolete Valueless Tape Media

2. VHS Tape

3. Floppy Disk

4. CD/diskettes

5. Other Plastics

Our main goal is to save tape media from being shredded and sent to landfill, especially when there are safe and viable alternatives.

After research and testing we have discovered the best possible option for recycling the various valueless listed above. Our recommendation is based on the following priorities:

1. Security

2. Environmental concern

3. Financial feasibility

The various valueless tapes cannot be erased, re-used, and refurbished in its original form so we have qualified them through onsite plastics testing at our partner street sign factory. Here we are able to melt down the plastic cartridges to create street signs for neighborhoods around the country!

Benefits of this Program:

1. The material will not be sent to landfill.

2. The Sign Factory is located in the US. No materials will be sent overseas.

3. This will be the most cost effective option for disposal

4. All sensitive data is destroyed and you will receive a certificate

5. The process meet/exceeds HIPAA, DOD, and any other government laws, regulations, acts or policies.

RYM makes doing the right thing easy because our process is less expensive than shredding.

(Top left picture is the useless material created by shredding, it’s sent straight to landfills! Lower picture to the left is what your tapes will look like after the RYM recycling process)

The Cost:

Typical Shredding services cost between .75 to $3.00 PER LB!!

RYM cost includes shipping to the sign manufacturing plant. De-manufacturing and secure data destruction = $0.CALL PER Pound 877-RY-TAPES

Call or email buyback@recycleyourmedia.com for an official tape media shredding quote.