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Recycle Your Media is an international storage media recycling company based in Newport Beach, California. As a leading buyer and supplier of media storage products, Recycle Your Media offers secure data eradication to sellers and cost-effective recycled storage media to buyers. Their innovative recycling solutions help companies cut costs and reduce the environmental impact of toxic e-waste in landfills.

Brian Musil is Recycle Your Media's founder, and deals with companies in more than 40 countries. Buying and selling data tape storage media is the core of the company's business. "We handle everything from old legacy media to the newest market products," says Musil.

Although the international economy is slumping, Recycle Your Media has seen steady growth the past year, particularly in the secure data eradication area:

"With new privacy legislation in the United States and increasing concern about corporate espionage, we've seen an increase of about 40% in our data eradication services. Our customers include law firms, banks, and other entities that deal with sensitive data. We bring the media in, eradicate the data stored on it, and then resell the storage products to other users."
Musil says he's always looking for new sources of used media, and the company's reputation and secure processes help with that.
All Recycle Your Media staffers spend a lot of time educating recycling companies and users about the advantages of media recycling. The service gives companies a cost-effective way to save money and "go green" at the same time, explains Musil. "That's a win/win situation for everyone – including the environment!"

Recycle Your Media's suppliers and customers agree. "Our repeat business percentage is very high," says Musil. "We give them the chance to securely recycle their old storage media and/or buy used media for a great price."

He attributes much of the company's customer loyalty to its flexibility, buying policy, and commitment to service.

"We go the extra step every time to educate our customers and give them what they need. When a seller has used media, I don't pick and choose like some buyers. I take everything at fair market value. We offer secure data destruction, complete chain of custody, fast shipping, and pay freight charges anywhere in the world."*Published Article in a U.S. Storage News Magazine

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