Sell Used AIT Tape

We are adding new and used of all versions of AIT tape media to our buyback program.  Yes, we buy used tape.  If you have excess new and/or out of archive used AIT-1, AIT-2, AIT-3, AIT-4 or AIT-5 tape media contact us to get the most cash back for your used tape media. Our data destruction process exceeds all standards for data destruction for DOD, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, ETC.  Not only will you recoup some of your initial data storage costs, selling your tape media for reuse is also the most environmentally conscious solution to ending the life of your tape media. 

Don’t shred the tape, shred the data!

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Sony AIT Tape Media Specifications

Part Numbers; SDX1-25C, SDX1-35C, SDX2-50C, SDX1-300C, SDX4-200C, SDX5-400C

Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format is intelligently engineered to stand apart – no other tape cartridge features both an MIC chip (the brains) and a pure metal magnetic layer designed for maximum capacity and longevity (the brawn).

MIC (Memory in Cassette)- The AIT tape cartridges feature a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information. The result is rapid access to desired data and greatly reduced loading and ejection times.

DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) Coating- The tape surface is protected by a smooth carbon coating that is nearly as hard as diamond and 20 times harder than metal oxides. The benefit is maximum reliability and life.

AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) Tape- Now Sony delivers 100% pure cobalt for high retentivity. Patented process for depositing a pure metal magnetic layer directly on the basefilm without adhesive or binders. The benefit from this AME technology is maximum recording performance.

100GB native, 260GB compressed capacity AIT-3 is scalable and backward compatible with previous generations. Delivers data at a fast and efficient 12Mb throughput rate.

The AIT recording technology provides uncompressed capacities including 25GB, 35GB, 50GB and 100GB using the compact 8mm cartridge form-factor. The higher compression specifications for capacity and performance for the AIT family are achieved through the incorporation of the Adaptive Loss less Data Compression (ALDC) technology, which delivers an average 2.6 to 1 compression ratio.

SAIT1-500Super AIT, Sony SAIT1-500
TAITE-20NAIT-E Turbo, Sony, TAITE-20N
SDX5-400WAIT-5, Sony, SDX5-400W WORM
SDX5-400CAIT-5, Sony, SDX5-400C
SDX4-200CAIT-4, 246M, Sony, SDX4-200C
SDX3X-150CAIT-3Ex, Sony, SDX3150C
SDX3-100CAIT-3, 230M,Sony,SDX3-100C,Te
Q1999AAIT-3, 230M,H.P., Q1999A
SDX3-100WAIT-3, 230M, Sony, SDX3-100W
SDX3-100CAIT-3, 230M, Sony, SDX3-100C,
18P6483AIT-3, 230M, IBM
Q1999AAIT-3, 230M, Hewlett P. 100GB
16369AIT-3 230M Imation SDX3-100C
246504-B21AIT-3 230M Compaq SDX3-100C
SDX2-50WAIT-2, Sony, SDX2-50W WORM
41467AIT-2, Imation SDX-500C
50SDX250BBCAAIT-2, 230M,Sony,50SDX250BBCA
SDX2-50CAIT-2, 230M, Sony, SDX2-50C, W
STMAM100GAIT-2, 230M, Seagate,STMAM100G
Q1998AAIT-2, 230M, Hewlet Packard #Q1998A
Q1998AAIT-2, 230M, H.P., SDX2-50C
152841-001AIT-2, 230M, Compaq, SDX2-50C,
TA1T2-80CAIT-2 Turbo, Sony, TAIT2-80C
TAIT1-40NAIT-2 Turbo, Sony, TAIT1-40N
TAIT1-40CAIT-2 Turbo, Sony, TAIT1-40C
SDX2-50CAIT-2 Sony, SDX2-50C
SDX2-36CAIT-2 Sony, SDX2-36C
152841-001AIT-2 Compaq, SDX2-50C
STAE70AIT-1, Seagate, W/Chip, 35GB
SDX1-35CAIT-1, 230M, Sony, SDX1-35C, W
STAE70AIT-1, 230M, Seagate, STAE70
Q1997AAIT-1, 230M, Hewlett P, Q1997A
402371-B21AIT-1, 230M, Compaq, 35/70GB
SDX1-T3CAIT-1, 170M, Sony, SDX1-T3C
SDX1-2CAIT-1, 170M, Sony, SDX1-2C, W/
SDX1-25NAIT-1, 170M, Sony, SDX1-25N
SDX1-25CAIT-1, 170M, Sony, SDX1-25C
STMAM50GAIT-1, 170M, Seagate, 25GB, WC
AIT1-NC25GBAIT-1, 170M, Seagate, 25GB, NC
AIT1-25GBAIT-1, 170M, Misc., No Chip
SDX-T3CAIT-1, 170M, Maxell, SDX-T3C,
AIT1AIT-1, 170M, Compaq, 25GB
SDX1-CLAIT Cleaning Tape, Sony # SDX1
STMACLAIT Cleaning Tape, Seagate
Q1996AAIT Cleaning Tape, HP
TZS2X-HAAIT Cleaning Tape, Digital
402374-B21AIT Cleaning Tape, Compaq
SAIT1-CLSuper AIT Cleaning, Sony
SDX5-CLAIT-5 Cleaning Tape, Sony
SDX4CLLAIT-4 Cleaning Tape, Sony Long
SDX4CLAIT-4 Cleaning Tape, Sony
SDX3X-CLAIT-3Ex Cleaning Tape, Sony