Sell Used AME Mammoth

We are adding new and used Mammoth AME1 and AME2 tape media to our buyback program.  Yes, we buy used tape.  If you have excess new and/or out of archive used Mammoth AME-1 and AME-2 tape media contact us to get the most cash back for your used tape media. Our data destruction process exceeds all standards for data destruction for DOD, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, ETC.  Not only will you recoup some of your initial data storage costs, selling your tape media for reuse is also the most environmentally conscious solution to ending the life of your tape media.

Don’t shred the tape, shred the data!

Call Recycle Your Media, we buy used tape! 949-757-0100 or email

Mammoth AME Tape Specifications

For reliable data storage, the quality of the media is every bit as important as the quality of the tape drive. Formulated specifically for Exabyte MammothTape technology drives, Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) tape offers expanded recording capacity and low abrasivity, reducing mechanical wear. AME magnetic material is vertically aligned. This unique orientation and the absence of binder components on the media enable AME’s higher capacity and superior signal strength. AME’s specially formulated backcoating dramatically reduces the build-up of static electricity and debris, greatly reducing the chance of read/write errors.


AME media with SmartClean technology includes a two-meter section of cleaning tape at the beginning of each data cartridge. This is specifically designed to remove chemical films that build up on heads, caused by binders and lubricants. The M2 drive activates the SmartClean technology only when it needs cleaning. With normal use, additional cleaning cartridges are not needed. This results in saved time and money.



  • 60GB Native Capacity; 150GB Compressed
  • Exabyte certified
  • Exabyte Part# 00558
  • Read and Write compatible with M2 Tape Drives. Mammoth, Mammoth-LT, 8205XL, 8505XL, Eliant 820, 8700, 8205, 8200 / SX, 8505, and 8500 / c Drive are NOT compatible with these cartridges.

Exabyte # 00558, IBM # 18P6484 / 18P6485, Sony # QGD225ME


QGD225ME8MM, 225 Meter Sony Mammoth-2
005588MM, 225 Meter Exabyte
1512308MM, 225 Meter Maxell Mammoth
18P64848MM, 225 Meter IBM Mammoth
18P64858MM, 225 Meter IBM Mammoth
005588MM, 225 Meter Exabyte Mammoth
59H26718MM, 22.5 Meter IBM # 59H2671
3137698MM, 22 Meter Exatape
938508MM, 170 Meter Verbatim AME1
QGD170ME8MM, 170 Meter Sony Mammoth
1511308MM, 170 Meter Maxell Mammoth
412628MM, 170 Meter Imation Mammoth
59H26788MM, 170 Meter IBM Mammoth
3126298MM, 170 Meter Exatape Mammoth
3028278MM, 170 Meter Exapack