LTO-1 Tape

LTO-1 Tape Media

  • First commercially available in September 2000.
  • Ultrium-1 specification is now Standard ECMA-319
  • Initial capacity of 100 GB.
  • Initial data transfer speed of 20 MB/s (Max.)
  • Tape encoding is RLL 1,7

Multiple lengths of LTO-1 tapes

The first generation of Ultrium tapes were going to be available with 4 different cartridges, holding 10 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB. Only the full length 100 GB tapes were produced.

HP LTO-1 cleaning strategy

HP LTO Gen.1 drives have a cleaning strategy that will prevent the drive from actually using the cleaning tape if it is not needed. In a change of strategy, HP LTO Gen 2,3,4 drives will always clean when a Universal Cleaning Cartridge is inserted, whether the drive requires cleaning or not.

 LTO 1 tape media

LTO 1 tape media LTO 1 tape media